There are many tactics out there to help students improve their GPA. Let me show you how to improve your GPA using community college.

Let's face it, a highly motivated premed can get an A in almost any community college course with minimal effort. Some courses offer a ridiculous number of credit hours for fairly little effort. You can even take classes online that only require a few hours of work each week.

Remember that AMCAS will report your science GPA and your overall GPA. Taking easy science courses at a community college may increase your GPA, but could create some red flags. Your overall GPA can easily be bumped with 12 credit hours of things that you may consider hobbies. You would be shocked what you can get credit for.
Explore your local community college for classes that interest you and you can pick up some extra A's to pad your GPA with.

Many premed's are often interested in getting their EMT certification and some community colleges will offer this certification. This is a great way to add another 12-16 credits of 4.0 to your GPA. Which can make a huge difference!