• Pick the best medical school

How to Pick the Best Medical School

It can be challenging to pick which medical school is best for you. After spending four years of undergrad jumping through hoops, you now find yourself holding not one, but multiple acceptance letters. Congratulations!

Your next decision could vary well shape the rest of your career as well as your future financial success.

There are multiple factors to consider in making this decision. It is my opinion some of these factors should be highly considered whereas others should not play into your decision-making at all.

Important Factors

1) Fit - Most students and advisers will emphasize the "fit" of the program. Fit is often poorly defined. This typically refers to everything from your experience with students on the interview day to your general subconscious feelings about the school. It will be even further emphasized when it comes time to pick a place to train for residency. Fit is that innate gut feeling you get when you think about a school, and is something that should be taking seriously.

2) Location - You're going to spend four years living in this location. Make sure you pick a town that is conducive to your hobbies and lifestyle. Consider this an opportunity to experience a different part of the country for four years. If you have a spouse or other family considerations then this is perhaps one of the most important factors in making your decision. You can always plan a trip and re-visit the school and town to get a better feel for what its like to live there. Also don't forget all 4 seasons! Winter in the North or Midwest can be quite a shock to someone from the southwest.

3) Cost - Your medical student education will likely be one of [...]

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Inquarta Medical School Admissions Counseling

If you're struggling with medical school admissions -- personal statement, how to be more qualified, interview prep, etc. --  I have a resource I want to recommend to you.

We have been so overloaded with personal statement submissions that I highly recommend taking some time to look through his personal statement coarse before you start writing

My friend Don Osborne has been working in the medical school admissions world since 1994. He's got some great online courses to help premeds with their application to medical school. I've looked through his course content personally and can tell you that I really love the advice he gives.

Take a look at these courses and find the right one for you:

How to Write Your Medical School Personal Statement
How to Write the Medical School Secondaries
How to Prepare for the Medical School Interview

Don's got many years of admissions experience; he has had several medical school admissions committee members on his staff, including one dean of admissions of a major Chicago medical school, and he's spoken to groups of premed advisers about his experiences as an adviser. He stands by his courses, so if you have any problems, be sure you reach out to him. He's a good guy and will take care of you.

I did some arm-twisting and got Don to arrange for a 10 percent discount for anyone from StudyBypass. Use coupon code "bypass" on checkout to get your discount.

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Welcome To Study Bypass

Welcome to Study Bypass

Lets just be honest, medical education in this country is tough. Thousands of student every year are asking, "How do I get into medical school?"

Undergrad, as a pre-med, is stressful and breeds a competitive atmosphere. There are hundreds of hoops to jump through, and in the end your 4 years of work are watered down to a few page application and a MCAT score. Subtle errors can sometimes make the difference between getting accepted and spending another year repeating the process. Every application cycle, hundreds of our nations best future doctors are outright rejected. The current system is broken and some of the most excellent, creative, responsible students are left asking "why?" Given the system is unlikely to change, we must adapt. I hope this website will be useful to all pre-meds, from those still in high-school to those planning their 2nd round of applications. Let us help you get into medical school

For those currently applying, I will offer a free basic personal statement review, a more detailed editing options, and practice Skype interviews

For those currently applying, I am happy to review your current platform, identify weaknesses, suggest strengths, and set your application up for maximum success. It's never too early to start preparing once you have made this decision

Through my experiences with higher education I have honed my study and test taking skills to a fine point. Armed with knowledge of efficient study techniques, and my high yield test taking strategy, virtually any test can be concord. I hope this collection of tips and tricks will be helpful for both pre-med students, as well as students of other disciplines. My test taking strategy, though perfected using the MCAT and [...]

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