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Rejected from Medical School – Now what?

Rejected from Medical School? Whats Next?

The summer I realized I was not going to matriculate directly from undergrad to medical school was a pivotal moment in my medical career. It forced me to reflect on what I wanted to accomplish with my life, and what I was willing to do to achieve my goals. That summer of reflection started with an interview for a job that I thankfully did not get. The job interview went something like this:

"Why do you think you didn't you get into Medical School?"- Interviewing MD, with big research lab
"Well... I must not have had a high enough GPA or MCAT scores."- Me
"Do you plan to re-apply?"- Interviewing MD,with big research lab
"Yes."- Me
"Well, how is working here going to fix your GPA or MCAT scores?"- Interviewing MD
"Well I think it will add value to my application in other areas to off set my GPA and MCAT scores."- Me.

What I failed to realize at the time is that this physician, although insensitive, was not necessarily trying to be cruel. It was a question I had to answer; why had I not gotten accepted, and how was I going to fix it before the next application cycle? I was not going to fix it by adding more rat dissections to my already massive repertoire of horrible research assistant gigs.

This is an important question for all rejected pre meds to answer, and not be scared or embarrassed of. If the issue is your GPA, there are tactics to bump this up. If it's the MCAT, there is a threshold under which you can't fix your application with padding and optimizing strategies. This is a compilation of most common reasons applicants fail to get accepted [...]

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How To Get Into Medical School

Lets start with the basics of how to get into medical school

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself, am I sure I want to be a doctor?

Are you prepared to put in hundreds and hundreds of hours in preparation to achieve your goal? If your looking for a way to impress a guy or girl, let me assure you there are much easier ways.

Are you ready to sacrifice some of the best years of your life? How will you respond when you're stuck overnight in the hospital for a 28 call when all of your friends are going out of town doing something fun? After eight years of higher education are you going to be okay with the fact your friend who got a two-year associate's degree is making more money than you?

For most premeds it doesn't make any difference. They have their minds made up for a variety of reasons, good or bad, and are determined to become a doctor. So lets move on...

Unlike medical education in other countries. In the United States it is a requirement that all pre-med students obtain a bachelors degree or higher before starting medical school. Note this degree does not have to be relevant to medicine necessarily, provided that you have taken the prerequisite courses. The required prerequisite courses differ for each medical school. However they universally require courses such as English, biology, organic chemistry and upper level math.

A high GPA can be one of your biggest assets towards applying to medical school. If you've already started off on the bad foot don't worry there are programs available to help improve your GPA and even specials master programs you can obtain which can overshadow a [...]

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