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How to Pick the Best Medical School

It can be challenging to pick which medical school is best for you. After spending four years of undergrad jumping through hoops, you now find yourself holding not one, but multiple acceptance letters. Congratulations!

Your next decision could vary well shape the rest of your career as well as your future financial success.

There are multiple factors to consider in making this decision. It is my opinion some of these factors should be highly considered whereas others should not play into your decision-making at all.

Important Factors

1) Fit - Most students and advisers will emphasize the "fit" of the program. Fit is often poorly defined. This typically refers to everything from your experience with students on the interview day to your general subconscious feelings about the school. It will be even further emphasized when it comes time to pick a place to train for residency. Fit is that innate gut feeling you get when you think about a school, and is something that should be taking seriously.

2) Location - You're going to spend four years living in this location. Make sure you pick a town that is conducive to your hobbies and lifestyle. Consider this an opportunity to experience a different part of the country for four years. If you have a spouse or other family considerations then this is perhaps one of the most important factors in making your decision. You can always plan a trip and re-visit the school and town to get a better feel for what its like to live there. Also don't forget all 4 seasons! Winter in the North or Midwest can be quite a shock to someone from the southwest.

3) Cost - Your medical student education will likely be one of [...]

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