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The MCAT Planner – Review

The MCAT is often thought of as the gatekeeper to becoming a physician.  The MCAT is a main factor in the amount of stress and anxiety that most students experience during their pre-med years.  It doesn’t have to be this way! There are many tools out there to help students prepare for the MCAT.

The StudyBypass team recently had the opportunity to review “The MCAT Planner” 2013 edition by Future Doctor Isaac Dodd.

This reference is 833 pages of organizational greatness.

Planning for this massive test is an absolute necessity. Few highly motivated students have the discipline to set a study schedule and stick to it.

This will not provide you with information you need to know to do well, it’s a system that you can use with any other references that will help you score as high as you possibly can.

Sections include preparation for the test, study strategies, planning and scheduling, and even an exam day checklist.  Set weekly goals and monitor them. Record and trend your MCAT practice scores. Identify areas of strength and area of improvement.

This is a highly valuable resource for students who desire an organizational framework to help the face the MCAT.

Remember having a plan takes away a considerable amount of anxiety !Learn more about The MCAT Planner here!

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